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Month/Year: June 2022
Star: Walter Matthau
Theme: Games

Month/Year: February 2022
Star: Adrienne Shelly
Theme: True Love

Month/Year: January 2022
Star: Gene Hackman
Theme: Secrets Revealed

Month/Year: December 2021
Star: Javier Bardem
Theme: Writer's Block

Month/Year: November 2021
Star: Rosie Perez
Theme: Bright Lights

Month/Year: October 2021
Star: Ingrid Pitt
Theme: Night Terrors

Month/Year: September 2021
Star: Gael García Bernal
Theme: Still Traveling

Month/Year: August 2021
Star: Bill Murray
Theme: The Funnies

Month/Year: July 2021
Star: Jeanne Moreau
Theme: Tough Love

Month/Year: June 2021

Star: Joe Shishido

Theme: Parallel Universes

Month/Year: May 2021

Star: Delphine Seyrig

Theme: Turning the Screw

Month/Year: April 2021

Star: Peter Falk

Theme: Ashes to Ashes

Month/Year: March 2021

Star: Mary Woronov

Theme: Daydreaming

Month/Year: February 2021

Star: Sam Elliott

Theme: Love & War

Month/Year: January 2021

Star: Alfre Woodard

Theme: Slow Motion

Month/Year: December 2020

Star: Elliott Gould

Theme: The Long Goodbye

Month/Year: November 2020

Star: Katy Jurado

Theme: Cruel World

Month/Year: October 2020

Star: Peter Lorre

Theme: Hell is Round the Corner

Month/Year: September 2020

Star: Vanessa Redgrave

Theme: Walking the Tightrope

Month/Year: August 2020

Star: Denzel Washington

Theme: The Look of Love

Month/Year: July 2020

Star: Ingrid Bergman

Theme: The Downward Spiral

Month/Year: June 2020

Star: Burt Lancaster

Theme: I Walk Alone

Month/Year: May 2020

Star: Annette Bening

Theme: Personal Best

Month/Year: April 2020

Star: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Theme: Special Effects

Month/Year: March 2020

Star: Gong Li

Theme: The Hidden

Month/Year: February 2020

Star: Stéphane Audran

Theme: Ways of Seeing

Month/Year: January 2020

Star: Tony Leung Chiu-Wai

Theme: Agitation

Month/Year: December


Star: Antonio Banderas

Theme: Possession

Month/Year: November


Star: Jessica Lange

Theme: Mad Love

Month/Year: October


Star: Dee Wallace

Theme: Horror Stories

Month/Year: September


Star: Various

Theme: Music Movies

Month/Year: July/August 


Star: Chloë Sevigny

Theme: The Dead Don't Die

Month/Year: June/July 2019

Star: Keanu Reeves

Theme: You Are Free

Month/Year: May 2019

Star: Maggie Cheung

Theme: Days of Being Wild

Month/Year: April 2019

Star: Robert Mitchum

Theme: Pursued

Month/Year: March 2019

Star: Penélope Cruz

Theme: Open Your Eyes

Month/Year: February 2019

Star: Steve Martin

Theme: Young at Heart

Month/Year: January 2019

Star: Parker Posey

Theme: Kicking & Screaming

Month/Year: December 2018

Star: Harvey Keitel

Theme: In a Lonely Place

Month/Year: November 2018

Star: Angela Bassett

Theme: Strange Days

Month/Year: October 2018

Star: Boris Karloff

Theme: The Macabre

Month/Year: September 2018

Star: Alan Bates

Theme: Self-Deception

Month/Year: August 2018

Star: Juliette Binoche

Theme: Better Things

Month/Year: July 2018

Star: Daniel Day-Lewis

Theme: Stormy Weather

Month/Year: June 2018

Star: Michelle Yeoh

Theme: Cheap Thrills

Month/Year: May 2018

Star: Marcello Mastroianni

Theme: The International

Month/Year: April 2018

Star: Joan Crawford

Theme: The Touch

Month/Year: March 2018

Star: Gregory Peck

Theme: Spellbound

Month/Year: February 2018

Star: Laura Dern

Theme: Retrospection

Month/Year: January 2018

Star: Jack Nicholson

Theme: Reject All American

Month/Year: December 2017

Star: Meryl Streep

Theme: Greatest Hits II

Month/Year: November 2017

Star: Jean-Louis Trintignant

Theme: Things to Come

Month/Year: October 2017

Star: Barbara Steele

Theme: Spirits of the Dead

Month/Year: September 2017

Star: Jeff Bridges

Theme: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Month/Year: August 2017

Star: Jane Fonda

Theme: Walk on the Wild Side

Month/Year: July 2017

Star: Matt Dillon

Theme: The Outsiders

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